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Caviar now served at Saltwater

Caviar is one of the oldest delicacies, first dated back in the third century BC. It is a delicacy that comes from a salted, non fertilized processed sturgeon. 

Here at Saltwater, we carry 2 different types of caviar in San Diego; Classic American and Osetra Caviar.

Classic American Caviar:

The classic American caviar comes from the White Sturgeon, known to weigh up to 2,000 pounds. The white sturgeon, a species native to the United States, produces a delicious black roe that has a creamy, nutty flavor with a distinctly crisp, clean finish.

Osetra Caviar:

Osetra caviar is known to be one of the finest caviar in the world. The Osetra sturgeon is one of the oldest fish breeds globally, dating back to the Mesozoic Era in the Caspian Sea. The flavor range of this Osetra caviar taste ranges between earthy, nutty and fruity.

Our caviars in the Gaslamp of San Diego are enjoyed the traditional way; paired with blinis or toast, Sour cream and crème fraiche.