San Diego is home to numerous stunning beaches, resulting in a lot of beach towns. So, the stunning culinary scene of the coastal city does not come as a surprise to locals and tourists. The city is the perfect location for a plethora of seafood restaurants, including  San Diego’s Premier Seafood Restaurant, making it the ultimate dining destination.


If you wish to figure out what to eat in San Diego, then this guide is for you. We will take a look at some of the best seafood dishes to try out at saltwater. Keep reading!


Saltwater Seafood Towers (3 size options on the menu)

This is a multi-level tray that offers different kinds of seafood options. This will ensure that you can try out every variety on the menu with a side of mignonette sauce, mustard aioli, and horseradish cocktail sauce. Depending on your number of guests, options are available for you. You can order the grand, petite, or royal one. Just sit back and savor the tasty flavors the sea has for you!


Stuffed Whole Maine Lobster

If you wish to enjoy a celebration menu, you can simply opt for a top-notch stuffed lobster dish. It makes for a stunning centerpiece for a great meal, which is ideal for romantic seafood dinners, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or New Year’s Eve. This sumptuous dish should not lack some worthy sides, including zesty gazpacho or creamy clam chowder. Having a wonderful accompaniment like Pan-roasted asparagus with lemon and garlic is never a bad idea.


Daily Fresh Oysters (fresh!)

You may be wondering where you can find oysters near you. Saltwater is the perfect place where you can be served some daily fresh oysters. This popular seafood is served at Saltwater’s oyster bar and they are kept fresh on the half-shell up on a bed of ice. They also come with horseradish and cocktail sauce, cucumber mignonette, and lemon for the perfect touch. Your date night or special occasion is only perfect when you enjoy the taste of delicious Saltwater fresh oysters!



Enjoy the perfect culinary experience at Saltwater, San Diego!